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Automatically copy the professional traders on the stock exchange, social and make money as they, with one click, automatically and without any knowledge. The application is very intuitive and simple, where you can build your own portfolio from persons that will trade for you. Registration is free, and all you can try after registering with fictitious money on a demo account. Trade stocks, indices, commodities, Forex, or copy shops and other merchants get a passive income.





Discover the easiest way to trade, what you could ever imagine! Copy shops on eToru frees you from the complexity, but decide you still YOU. You choose yourself which top traders you want to copy, and then comfortably sit and you watch the magic. Each store that carries out, the dealer automatically copies in your account and allow you to take advantage of the capabilities of the best traders, without you having to lift a finger. Take a ride on the success of top traders and together you will see such results, which will still only dreamt of. Whether you are a novice in trading or have the first attempts in a row, you will enjoy a profitable potential which supplies the eToro. Just choose which merchants you want to copy, and assign a certain% of its funds on monitoring their shops. Copy at any time up to 10 dealers and spur the power markets, as never before, trade like a professional.




Copy the best traders

Choose from the vast quantity of traders, who will be the most convenient. You can view all their stats and the monthly assessment. After the selection, just click on the Copy button, choose the amount of your investment and the maximum amount you want to take the risk. Then automatically you do business as well as a trader, if you assess your account for the month, about 20% of Your invested amount will also evaluate about 20%.


Trade stocks, Forex, commodities, indices or

If you want to trade on themselves, so of course you can. You can trade stocks, forex, commodities and indexes. To trading can take advantage of the leverage effect, which you can set the maximum leverage is 400 for Forex, 10 x 100 x for shares and commodities and indices. For example: buy shares of Apple for 100 $ with lever 10 shares during the day, pops up about 2% up, our profit is 20% ($ 20), 10 x more, because we have used the lever 10 x, the higher the leverage, the greater the risk, of course, when the decline of 2% lose 20%.






Buy stocks of companies and get known money four times a year in the form of dividends

Leave the company to work for you, get a passive income from companies like Apple, Facebook, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Disney, and many others. Take advantage of buying shares without the lever in which the do not pay any fees, in addition to the shares you can buy from $ 50 in smaller parts, so for example, you can own the shares of 0.2, you can invest in companies that have a lot of expensive shares. The purchase of dividend stocks, you can set up something like your own savings account yield from dividends varies from 2% to 5% per year, which is much more than any savings account in a bank. Invest smartly.





Minimum deposit from $ 200

After opening the account, you can try everything on a DEMO version of the shell game money. If you want to deposit money into your trading account, you can do this through your credit card, bank transfer or by using Internet wallets such as PayPal, Moneybookers or Neteller. The same options you can use in case of selection. Deposits are in all cases except the instant bank transfer. The application of selection is usually resolved within two days. The minimum amount to deposit is just $ 200, so you can start really having a minimum, however, you should start at least with the amount of $ 500. When you deposit $ 1000 bonus for faster input.